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9/7/2020 - The air holes also have a bad influence on the corrosion resistance

In order to improve the hardness of aluminum bronze, aluminum bronze can be quenched and tempered For other functions, aluminum bronze has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and is generally machinable., they can also be used as wear-resistant parts and provide certain wear resistance. Joe is used in the paper industry. It is excellent in hot state. Aluminum bronze sucks in the smelting process very briefly, which causes the casting copper clad steel strips manufacturer to swell after pouring and condensing, the arrangement is loose, and a lot of pores occur. It has been supervised and tested by the national authority to reach ExIIC Class standard, no sparks, no detonation of gas.

It is not easy to be welded by fiber welding.5% of aluminum. This aluminum bronze has higher strength than tin bronze, and also has a high antioxidant function. It has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater. Because the castings are closely arranged and have good water pressure resistance, aluminum bronze is widely manufactured into Wear-resistant parts under heavy load and high speed, such as nuts, worm gears and sleeves on heavy machines (professional red copper, tungsten copper, forged red copper, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, cup copper) ).

Aluminum bronze It can manufacture springs and other elastic non-parts, wear-resistant parts on chemical equipment and anti-magnetic parts. When aluminum bronze is heated, it can be heat-treated and strengthened. Sometimes in order to improve the function of aluminum bronze, Aluminium bronze participates in appropriate amounts of iron, tin, manganese and other elements. It has an aluminum bronze explosion-proof thing and has a common explosion-proof function.

In addition, the air holes also have a bad influence on the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the casting, which severely leads to the scrap of the casting. This aluminum bronze can be used For relatively high-strength screws, nuts, copper sleeves, sealing rings, etc. Among the copper alloys, aluminum bronze has high strength and plasticity, outstanding wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.

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30/6/2020 - The drawn seamless copper tube is soft and wear-resistant

It has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In the middle and late stages, the development level gradually improved, mainly reflected in the gradual addition of the proportion of bronze. Brass differs according to different components. Because the copper formed by mixing red copper and tin is blue, it is called bronze, and there is a period in history that became the bronze age. At the beginning of the Bronze Age, the proportion of bronze utensils was very small, or even stone tools. are all made of copper alloys, but they are not pure copper, but participate in a certain amount of other items to be refined together. Brass rods, bronze rods, aluminum bronzes, etc.

Brass seamless pipes can be used for heat exchangers and condensers, low-temperature pipelines, submarine transport pipes; making sheets, bars, rods, pipes, casting parts, etc. As mentioned above, the bronze rod is made of high-pressure refined bronze composed of red copper and tin. Copper; if it is a variety of alloys composed of more than two elements, it is called special brass; brass for pressure making is called deformed brass. That's when the bronze wares reached a peak.

The copper content is between 62% copper tape for RF cable and 68%, and the plasticity is strong. Good, machinability is acceptable, welding is not easy to fiber weld, and the pressure is excellent in hot state. Aluminum bronze containing iron and manganese has high strength and wear resistance, and can increase hardness after quenching and tempering. It is very resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water. The so-called brass rods are copper and zinc

The alloy brass is composed of materials and has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, excellent elasticity and weldability. Brass composed of copper and zinc is called ordinary yellow.Aluminum bronze and brass Aluminum bronze has high hardness, strong abrasion resistance, and has particularly strong resistance to seawater corrosion. Brass has a strong wear resistance; special brass is also known as special brass, which has high strength, high hardness and strong chemical resistance; and the mechanical function of cutting is also superior to brass materials; The drawn seamless copper tube is soft and wear-resistant

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