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23/6/2020 - The manufacturing method is to mix nickel powder

copper forms a continuous matrix in the sintered compact, and tungsten serves as a strengthening framework. However, nickel activation and sintering will significantly reduce the electrical and thermal conductivity of the material, and the introduction of impurities in mechanical alloying will also reduce the material's conductivity. Because the moisture of molybdenum copper is worse than that of tungsten copper, especially when preparing low copper content molybdenum copper, the fine density of the material after infiltration is low, resulting in the material's air tightness, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity can not meet the requirements.

The high-swelling component is limited by the second component in the surroundings, and the powder is sintered at a lower temperature and humidity. According to reports, the use of very fine powder can improve the sintering function and refinement, so that it reaches more than 99%.

Use is restricted. Injection molding method High-density tungsten alloy is made by injection molding method.52 microns and tungsten powder with a particle size of 515 microns, and then mix in 25% and 30% organic adhesive binder ( Such as white wax or polymethyl vinegar) injection molding, using steam cleaning and irradiation to remove the adhesive, sintering in the middle, to obtain high-density tungsten alloy.

Although the heat resistance function is not as good as tungsten-copper, it is better than some heat-resistant materials, Copper Tape For Heat Exchanger so the use prospect is better. The manufacturing method is to mix nickel powder, copper tungsten powder or iron powder with a uniform particle size of 15 microns with tungsten powder with a particle size of 0.. The material prepared by this method has poor uniformity, there are more closed spaces, and the fine density is generally less than 98%, but after adding a small amount of nickel activation sintering method, mechanical alloying method or oxide for recovery method to prepare ultrafine, nano powder Can improve the sintering activity, and then improve the fine density of tungsten copper, molybdenum copper alloy

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16/6/2020 - Mainly used in the manufacture of integrated circuits

It is widely used in the electronics industry, computer communication equipment and other fields. Mainly used in the manufacture of integrated circuits and electronic discrete devices, connectors for the electronic industry and materials for lead frames of large-scale integrated circuits. With the development of high-tech business, the amount of the precision copper tape gradually increased.I am anxious to understand the purpose and performance of copper tape and its impact on subsequent processing, what are the abnormal phenomena that often occur, and how to deal with the material.

The salient features are: high strength, high conductivity, high precision and high softening temperature, and both Suitable processing performance, electroplating brazing performance. The products have been approved by Wuxi copper wire transformer Huajing Electronics Group and other manufacturers in China and are in good use. The strip has high precision, good shape and no residual stress. Products replace imports

Classification of copper materials Copper and copper alloys are divided into three categories: pure copper, brass and bronze. Bronze refers to a copper alloy that does not use copper or nickel as the main alloy element, but mainly other elements such as tin, aluminum, lead, and beryllium. The larger the serial number, the lower the purity of copper and the higher the impurity content.4, which means that tin contains 6.4%. Pure copper is also called red copper, and its brand is represented by 'T' (copper), which is divided into four levels: T1, T2, T3, T4, etc.5-0.5%, other elements 0.

Brass refers to copper-zinc alloy, the first letter 'H' of the Copper tape for cable brand indicates brass, the last two digits indicate the average content of brass, and the following symbols and digits indicate the element and its content, such as HPb59-1 indicates that the copper content is about 59%, Lead content is about 1%. Its representation method The first letter 'Q' represents bronze, followed by element symbols and numbers, indicating the alloy element content, such as QSn6

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