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22/6/2020 - What your expectations are for plastic surgery

  It is not always easy to explain what you want out of your plastic surgery. You can tell the doctor that you want less wrinkles or a fuller appearance when it comes to your breasts, but how can you be sure that you both have the same results in mind? Bringing along a picture can help you communicate important information to your doctor at a time when setting out clear expectation is crucial.Starting Point:You know that you want plastic surgery on your breasts. You know you want the size to be increased. When you explain this to your doctor, he or she is thinking in terms of the size of the implant or the amount of saline that will be added. There is a good chance that you are just thinking about how you want your breasts to look, not how much saline needs to be added. A photo can give you and your doctor a starting point for discussion. When you show him a picture, he can get some idea of what type of implant would be necessary and how that would look on your body. The two of you can talk, using the photo, and try to come up with an understanding about what you want.Expectations:This photo also lets your doctor know what your expectations are. Right away he can get an idea of what you are looking for from the plastic surgery. This gives him an opportunity to let you know whether or not your expectations can be Wholesale plastic hanger clips met. He can explain that this will or will not work with your body type. He can let you know if he will be able to replicate the look.If the photo is something that cannot be achieved, you and your surgeon can look through other pictures to try and come up with common ground. If the two of you are struggling to communicate with words, the photos can help determine what your expectations are for plastic surgery.Issues or Complications: Sometimes, patients look at a photo and assume that it is the best option for their plastic surgery. The doctor will explain whether or not this is realistic by telling the patient the potential risks of that change. For example, some people may not be able to achieve the same look from a full face lift. If this is the case, the doctor can explain to the patient, before any of the work begins, that this is not going to work.In the same way, a woman may want a breast augmentation but not realize how much this added weight in one area would affect the body. The doctor can talk about the complications that often arise for women featured in the photo.

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