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Look through the bar and position your cover to where you want

  The Fastback scoring machine is anexcellent choice for creating perfect bound documents. Generally,common paper card and cover stocks of approximately 20 points (.020inches or .50 mm thick) can be nicely scored. For materials thickerthan this, or of unusual or unknown composition, their ability to bescored may be uncertain. Don't attempt to score materials over 23points thick, as this could damage the machine if excess force is used.It is usually a good idea to try a practice score to see if the finalscore bends and looks satisfactory. Sheets measuring 13 x 20 inches (33x 50 cm) are easily handled on the machine.

This makes it possible tocreate a full size 8.5" x 11" wraparound cover for your perfect bounddocuments. You can make either one (single) score or two (double) scores at a time- it depends on which Die Holder is installed on your machine. To tell which Die Holder you have, look down into the top of the clearbar. If you see two silver lines (figure 3a), then you have the DoubleDie Holder, which makes two scores at a time. This enables you tocreate a cover with a "hinged" spine - for a book that opens easily andwithout wrinkling of the spine title area. Or, you can just have anextra crease line for a nice appearance detail near your spine. If yousee a single silver line (figure 4a), then you have the Single DieHolder. This die makes one score at a time - perfect to create agreeting card or a single fold folder. Simple Scoring: 1. Slide your material under the transparent bar. Make sure the bottomedge of your cover is resting against the front Guide Rail.

2. Look through the bar and position your cover to where you want your scores - they will be made right under the silver lines of the ScoringDies. 3. Push the Lever to the left to make your scores. Wraparound Cover Scoring: Using the Fastback scoring machine you can easily create a wraparoundcover for your perfect bound document or book. If you have the doubledie holder installed you will produce two parallel score lines alongeach side of the spines. If you have the single die holder installedyou will produce a single score line on each side of your spine. With the Double Die Holder (standard with the machine) two scores aremade at once.

One is the spine edge score. The other is a secondaryscore (3/16" from the spine edge Oblique Ventilating Booster Circular Blower Fan score on the front and rear covers).These two sets of scores are shown in figure 3b. You would perform twoscoring actions to make this total of four scores. With the Single Die Holder (P/N: K-405-3437 available separately -please contact your local dealer) all of your scores are made one at atime. To make the two spine edge scores for a cover, it would take twoscoring actions. If you wish to make all of the four scores you achievewith the double scoring die, it would take four scoring actions.

Posted: 04:56, 15/10/2020
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