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6/4/2021 - The similar application examples are different due to the changes

However, the reference point used to delineate this reference line is often invisible on the actual connector, or sometimes appears It is on another plane and cannot be seen at the same time of the same lens. In some cases, the plastic on the connector box body has to be ground to determine the position of this reference line.

There is indeed a similar Related topics-design for detectability. Design for detectability (Inspectablity) is due to manufacturers’ With continuous demands to improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce production costs, new machine vision systems are being used more and more widely. When various vision systems become more and more common, people are becoming more and more familiar with the characteristics of such inspection systems and have learned to consider the detectability of product quality when designing new products.

For example, if you want to have a baseline to detect the 'actual position', you should consider the visibility of this baseline in the connector design. 3. In-depth understanding of vision technology-quality inspection of stamping parts As mentioned earlier, the stamping production speed of electronic connector pins is usually calculated at thousands of parts per minute. Until recently, inspection speed has been an insurmountable obstacle for automatic quality inspection systems. Early machine vision inspection systems cannot provide such a high 100% quality inspection speed. 3.1

Typical Box header Manufacturers examples of stamping parts quality visual inspection This article will elaborate on a typical application example of PPT vision system in stamping parts quality inspection. Although the similar application examples are different due to the changes in the pins of the respective inspection objects, most of the stamping quality visual inspection systems follow the basically consistent overall structure.

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