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Ermei OEM Oil Seal

• 12/5/2022 - The rubber oil seal repair package has a wide range of applications

If the mechanical seal is running loosely after running, it is necessary to replace the quiet ring parts as soon as possible, and cannot be re-use, otherwise, because of the friction causes the movement trajectory to change, the seal of the contact surface is destroyed.

Therefore, no matter which oil seal is good, it has the following characteristics: Custom crankshaft oil seal Manufacturers In the lower torque case, the sealing performance is good, the installation is convenient, and the body is small, can be used in a higher speed rotation environment, allowing the shaft to have some degree of degree The changes in the dynamic eccentricity and axis of rotation are suitable for a wide temperature range, which is resistant to different oils.

Various repair pack structures are also very complicated. Foshan seals tell you oil seal repair bag as a lubricating oil (lubricant) leakage that prevents the rotating shaft bearing site, while preventing the external dust, sand, mud water, and the sealing part used, while the lip-shaped oil repair package It belongs to a radial seal. It is a rubber as a raw material, while the pressed pointed lip is pressed against the axis surface with a certain radial force, and the sealing effect is very simple, the cost performance is high, mounting Simple, widely used in various industries.

The rubber oil seal repair package has a wide range of applications, in addition to the use of rotating shafts such as automotive industries, tractors, large construction machines, machine tools, and the oil seal repair package for reciprocating axes under low pressure. .What are the characteristics of the tractor oil seal? Rubber seal products are mainly divided into rotating shaft seal products (oil seals) and reciprocating seal products

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