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Ermei OEM Oil Seal

• 15/8/2022 - The seal lip has good activity and adaptability

The principle of valve sealing performance is four aspects from the sealing property of the liquid, the sealing principle of the gas sealing, the sealing channel, and the sealing member. This forms a phase cut angle. Once the film of these surfaces is dissolved, the characteristics of the metal surface have changed, and the extension of the liquid is rejected, the surface, the hydraulic seal leaks.

Therefore, what is the sealing of liquid? The sealing property of the liquid is carried out by the viscosity and surface tension of the liquid. When the capping tube leaked by the valve hydraulic seal, the surface tension may reject the liquid, or the liquid is introduced into the capillary. Then, we should consider the problem of sealing products and the basic classification of the V-seal ring while purchasing such hydraulic seals. Second, the hydraulic V-type seal of the combined state is classified as a rubber V-type seal and a clamping rubber V-type seal (also known as the clip fabric V-seal).

The piece tells you that the V-sealing ring specification structure is more robust (cross section) compared to the U-shaped seal, which can better withstand axial and radial Automotive Oil Seals loads.Hydraulic V-type seal, do you understand? The V-type seal (V-RING) in the hydraulic seal is a common seal specification (element), also known as a lip seal. The V-shaped seal is formed by a portion of the V-ring, a pressure ring and a support ring. How to buy hydraulic V-type seals?

First, the V-type seal (V-Ring) is a V-shaped element presenting a V-shaped element in a letter cross section, also a standard typical lip seal. Intrusion. Two or more V type sealing elements can be used in each group, which can improve their rated pressure and low pressure sealing capability.

Through the above combination design, the seal lip has good activity and adaptability, which can compensate for large tolerances and angular deviations, prevent internal grease or oil from leaking outwardly, or prevent external splash or dust

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• 13/7/2022 - What is the technical parameters of the improved piston rod seal?

Second, what is the technical parameters of the improved piston rod seal? Use polyurethane instead of rubber material, extend the seal ring The service life and can continue to use in Wu Lubricating air. Working pressure:Hydraulic mechanical transmission system is widely used, and its hydraulic cylinder structure is divided into several forms, such as piston sealing, plunger cylinder sealing, and composite cylinder seal, which are seal according to the hydraulic seal engineering.

The component tells you that the combined sealing loop has the characteristics of low friction resistance, starting without climb, low leakage, and wear resistance (as shown in Figure 1). Let's share less knowledge about hydraulic piston Custom Industrial crankshaft oil seal Factory seal.6MPa2, operating speed: 1M / s3, operating temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 80 ° C 4, working medium: dry air, dry air, mineral oil, grease, non-corrosive gas three, Precautions for installing seals? All sharp edges and burrs on the shaft must be removed before installation, prevent damage to the seal; if the oil or grease is removed, the seal is easier to install.

First, how to improve the structural design of the piston rod seal, improve the sealing effect? Can be designed by unstatic dynamic lip, change the traditional U-shaped cross-section redesign, which is conducive to sliding, increase the U-shaped structure, flexibility can be improved;The hydraulic piston rod combined seal structure is a primary seal manufactured by polytetrafluoroethylene, and the other is an O-shaped elastic seal, which functions as a secondary seal. Second, the hydraulic piston rod combined seal structure is a main seal manufactured by polytetrafluoroethylene, and the other is an O-shaped elastic seal, which serves as a secondary seal.

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