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The heating temperature of hot air bonding 16/4/2021
In the production of hot-air bonding, it is mostly necessary to mix a proportion of low-melting bonding fibers in the web or use bi-component fibers, or a powder-spreading device to apply an amount of bonding powder before the web enters the drying room. Maintain the original properties of the fiber. Generally, products made by hot-air bonding have the characteristics of fluffy, softness, good elasticity, and strong warmth retention, but their strength is low and they are easy to deform. The heating temperature of hot air bonding is generally lower than the melting point of the main fiber. The melting point of the powder is lower than the melting point of the fiber, and it will melt quickly after being heated, so that the fiber will be bonded into a single-layer double-curtain drying room hot air bonding production line schematic diagram. Therefore, in the selection of fibers, it is necessary to consider the matching of the thermal properties of the main fiber and the bonding fiber, and make the melting point of the bonding fiber and the melting point of the main fiber as large as possible, so as to reduce Airlaid Paper the heat shrinkage rate of the main fiber as much as possible.The origin of hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics     With the rapid development of modern technology, more and more high-tech projects are used in production and use. Let us understand the origin of hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics.. Hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics are all high-tech development products. Hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics have indispensable components in today’s development, and some friends are also using them, but they don’t know the origin of hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics, and they will be puzzled in choosing and using them.   Hot-air bonding refers to the production method that uses hot air to penetrate the fiber web on the drying equipment to be heated and melted to produce bonding. When you come into contact with such products in the future, you can choose the right one to better play the role of the product.   I must have read the introduction of this article, and also have an understanding of the origin of hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics. The heating method used is unreasonable, and the performance and style of the products are also different. They not only improve the quality assurance of non-woven fabric processing and production, but also improve the benefit and efficiency of the overall application
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What are non-woven bags made of?6/4/2021
Use non-decomposable bags and use green bags more. Under the premise that people pay attention to green and recyclable, non-woven bag martial arts has become People’s new darling, now you can see people shopping with non-woven bags in the streets, alleys, supermarkets, shopping malls and markets. Everyone, what are non-woven bags made of? Yes, they are made of non-woven fabrics such as hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabrics, so they are very green, and now many people are pursuing a green living environment. In recent years, with the increasing voices of all walks of life for green, the traditional model has slowly entered special composite fiber mask the road of decline, and a variety of emerging green bags have begun to enter everyone’s eyes, with a wide variety of products and many raw materials for production. With the reorganization of the packaging bag industry, many plastic bag manufacturers have also seen this business opportunity and have begun to switch to the ranks of the green industry. Non-woven bags have been produced many years ago, but they have not risen, and are only limited. Green provides a platform for non-woven bags and green bags., Ltd. for consultation.. The non-woven bags that go hand in hand with the green bags are non-woven bags. In recent years, many products have appeared in our lives, such as non-woven bags. This is also non-woven bags and green bags. In some professional packaging, he is now in front of people again, and it is also one of the plastic products that are worthy of praise in the current industry. People’s widespread application is a strong proof. , Most of them come from a variety of green crops, which is a new bright spot in the current packaging industry. Green has gradually become a task that we have to change ourselves, so next, let’s introduce a non-woven bag and green bag made of green hot-rolled hot-air non-woven fabric. After getting a preliminary understanding of the non-woven bags and green bags made of hot-air non-woven fabrics above, are you more interested in these green products? So if you want to be more interested in hot-air hot-air non-woven fabrics If you want to know more about prices and manufacturers, you are welcome to come to our Changzhou Xin'an Nonwoven Co. I hope you can reduce it in the future. If you are interested, please pay more attention to us. The new development provides a stage to show. People’s emphasis on green has undoubtedly injected fresh blood into the rise of non-woven bags
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