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13/10/2020 - The two add up moisturizing effects

I believe that many China 50ml acrylic lotions manufacturers will mix and match products in life, and choose effective ingredients according to skin type and skin care needs, so as to choose the right products. Today, I will teach you some advanced version of the gameplay, "how to match the ingredients" to achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

1. Exfoliating products + moisturizing products: After you use exfoliating products, your skin will inevitably become dry and sensitive. At this time, you need to use moisturizing products in time.

2. Acne removal products + moisturizing products: Many acne removal products have the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion, and the skin becomes dry without the protection of oil. At this time, some moisturizing products can be used to supplement the loss of skin lipids and fill in The gap between keratinocytes protects the skin barrier.

3. Vitamin C + arbutin: Arbutin is mostly used in whitening products. Arbutin is activated in a weakly acidic environment. Vitamin C is not only weakly acidic, but can also inhibit the production of melanin, so Vitamin C + arbutin Use glycosides together to double the effect.

4. Vitamin A+ peptides: Vitamin A is a good anti-aging ingredient, as are peptides (there are many types of peptides, and they have many effects. They are used for anti-aging to fight expression lines and make the skin firmer).

5. Vitamin A + Vitamin C derivatives: Although Vitamin A cannot be used with acids such as Vitamin C, Vitamin C derivatives are milder than Vitamin C. The pH value of Vitamin C derivatives is neutral and can be used with Vitamin A. Together, whitening and anti-aging with both hands.

6. Hyaluronic acid + squalane: Hyaluronic acid is also commonly referred to as hyaluronic acid. It has a strong moisturizing effect. Squalane can form a natural barrier on the skin surface. The two add up moisturizing effects. Take it to the next level.

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