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• 14/2/2020 - Asia is a wonderful place to go for bird watching

Though authentic antique cages are pleasing to the eye, they are not the best home for your bird. Many antique bird cages are treated IP65 Weatherproof Lighting Suppliers with chemicals or paints that can be toxic to your bird. And here's why; when you decide to squeeze a cage into a specific place in your house this almost always takes away from the well-being of your bird! 

For instance, image stabilization will keep your view from shaking-very important when watching from a long distance. Other cool features include anti-fogging, low-light viewing and wide-view characteristics. 

The Carribean - the Carribean Islands, while normally associated with vacations of a different sort, are actually another good place to visit on a bird watching world trip. In the Bahamas, Grand Bahama Island is the most popular place to go for bird watching. Bermuda is another good place to visit, as there are seven major natural reserves there sponsored by the Audubon Society. In Jamaica, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is popular # because the birds there are so tame they literally perch on the bird watchers and eat out of their hands. 

Asia - if you're willing to range far afield, Asia is a wonderful place to go for bird watching as a lot of different species live there that have no equivalent counterparts in the west. Japan alone is home to around 600 species of birds. The Lake Utonai and Tateyama Bird sanctuaries in Japan are the most prominent wildlife preserves where you can see them. China's main attraction is not only its indigenous species of birds, but the fact that certain places like Beidaihe are a migratory hub for far-ranging birds from all across Asia. Another good place to visit for bird watching is Thailand's Doi inthanon International Park, which boasts 382 resident species.
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• 21/1/2020 - These aren't you grandfather's flashlights

  You've seen them on T.V. many times. Shake flashlights-just shake one for a few seconds and voila! Instant, bright light. But besides the novelty of it all, are these things for real or even practical? The answer is yes, they are for real and extremely practical for everyday application. Here are seven good reasons why you need a shake flashlight:

  1. Needs no batteries. A flashlight with dead batteries is useless. An old stick is just about as useful as a dead flashlight. And there's probably nothing more frustrating than reaching for a flashlight, only to find out it is completely dead. With a shake flashlight, dead batteries are never a problem. A shake flashlight needs no batteries because it uses the Faraday Magnetic Method to recharge the flashlight again and again. Different brands and models of shake flashlights vary Batten Lighting Manufacturers in effectiveness but some of the better ones can give light for hours with just a few seconds of shaking.

  2. Rugged construction. There are several different brands of shake lights, and they are not all constructed equally, but it's fair to say that many of them are built for rugged use. While it's probably not a good idea to use one as a hammer, shake flashlights can nonetheless take some abuse like being dropped on the floor without damage. Housed in a clear shatterproof high-tech casing, a shake flashlight can operate in extreme hot or cold environments without diminishing performance.

  3. Water resistant. Drop a regular flashlight in the water and it won't work anymore, at least not until the batteries, bulb, and other components are dried out. That's not a problem for a shake flashlight however, which is water resistant to 20 feet or more.

  4. Long Life LED bulb. The long-life LED bulb illuminates up to a 30 ft. radius or more, depending on the model and can withstand light drops and bumps. Because the LED lamp consumes very little energy, it doesn't generate heat, which is the enemy to standard light bulbs.

  5. Set it and forget it. It doesn't need batteries, so you can store your flashlight and literally forget about it until you need it. Put one in your car's glove box, one in your kitchen, one in the tool box, one in the garage, one in your R.V., one in your boat etc.

  6. Environmentally friendly. In many areas batteries can't be thrown away with the common trash, even though many people do so. Batteries contain toxic chemicals that can leach into the ground and cause contamination of the soil and ground water. Because there's no batteries in shake flashlights, there's not the disposal problem you have with regular batteries. This makes shake lights more environmentally friendly than battery powered flashlights.

  7. Because they're way cool! These aren't you grandfather's flashlights (although your grandfather may have one by now). A shake flashlight is one of those items that always gets attention, a real conversation piece. Models that come in various translucent colors look especially cool when they're on. Why settle for one boring color when you can have several!

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