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• 8/5/2020 - The potential land investor must have a skill for identifying

  - Is the land in a green-belt area? This is an area that's government protected and green belt areas can have far greater problems in getting planning permission for development than non-green belt locations. Having said that, many green belt locations are increasingly being allowed to have land developed (due to the land shortage crisis) - if you're planning to purchase green belt land then you can see if other green belt land in the area has been given planning permission for development. While there is no guarantee, this can be a good indicator that your proposed land investment could also get the green light for planning permission.

  - Identify Town Growth Patterns - The potential land investor must have a skill for identifying in which direction a town or city is heading. Investing in land that's not in the path of this growth could mean that the land will remain baron for a lot longer before the capital gains can be realised by way of a bid.

  - Physical Characteristics Of Your Land - While this may not strictly be a location issue, there are several physical characteristics that your proposed land site will have that may affect it's potential for development - the type of soil that your proposed land investment has may affect how it may be used for example. The surrounding views and whether it is on flat land or hills is a further consideration.

  - Identify Towns That Have Been Tagged For By The Government For Housing Development - We already know that the government is committed to injecting Weatherproof Lighting Fixture Suppliers billions of pounds into affordable housing. Purchasing land plots in specific areas that have been ear-marked for house-building is a further way of ensuring that you purchase land in an area that has an excellent chance of gaining planning permission, and ultimately attracting a developer who will purchase it from you.

  - Make Use Of Government Departments - Call up councils where you are planning on purchasing land and ask them what their plans are for growth. Ask about new highways and infrastructure that may be on the agenda and if any greenbelt areas are likely to be developed in the near future.

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• 27/4/2020 - Understand the rationale and limitations of the type of alternate

  Alternative medicine is a recent term to something that has been a part of human existence from old. From the times of early man to the present day instinct and reason has taught humans many thing. The best advice for anyone wanting to adopt alternate medicine is

  Understand the rationale and limitations of the type of alternate medicine you choose.

  Natural used any place does not necessarily mean safe.

  Body constitution differs from person to person. What works for someone else may not work for you. Do not get influenced by personal anecdotes from China HIGHBAY Company different persons.

  If you are on other allopathic drugs then alternate medicine may have a harmful reaction. Some combinations of different medicines may be dangerous.

  Consult your family doctor and few other learned/informed persons before embarking on an alternate healing remedy.

  Pressure remedies of alternative therapy

  Acupuncture: This is a procedure where specific body areas are pierced with fine needles for therapeutic purposes. The idea is to relieve pain or produce regional anesthesia.

  Acupressure: Like acupuncture it is a traditional Chinese medical technique. They have the same principle. It involves physical pressure by hand, elbow or various devices for therapeutic value.

  Fire cupping: This method involves applying acupressure by creating a vacuum next to the patient's skin. It is done by placing a glass, plastic, or bamboo cups on the skin and creating a vacuum with fire used to heat the air inside the cup. When the air cools it creates a vacuum at the acupressure point.

  Moxibustion: A cone of dried wormwood leaves or "Moxa" a traditional Chinese medicine is used to relieve pain. It is usually burnt close to the skin or on top of the acupuncture needle.

  Reflexology: A method of massage therapy done on the feet that relieves nervous tension through the application of finger pressure. It is also known as zone therapy.

  Shiatsu : This is a Japanese form of therapeutic massage in which pressure is applied with the thumbs and palms to those areas of the body used in acupuncture.

  Acupoint therapy: This is an extension of Akupunkt Massage. The acupuncture points or meridians are stimulated with a therapy stick. It does not used needles or pressure that is used in shiatsu.

  Chiropractic: A medical practice where the pressure on the nerves is relieved to treat some ailment. Exercise, application of heat, cold and light as well as massage and manipulation by hand is some techniques used.

  Manipulative therapy: It is a mixture of therapies like massage therapy, osteopathy and chiropractic. Where massage is used for its physical and psychological benefits, it may be termed "therapeutic massage therapy" or manipulative therapy.

  1. Among the host of alternative therapies like Chelation Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Gene Therapy, Heat Therapy, Homeopathy , Crystal & Gem therapy, Flower Remedies, Hydrotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Music Therapy, Naturopathy etc. Some are new and has basis in science others are ancient and are being rediscovered by science.

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