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Dot, Line and Cross Line Laser Modules

• 21/11/2020 - Reliable Indicating 50mW Economy Red Cross Laser Alignment

What is the best solution to make clear and fine enough cross line projection in distance? It is not workable at all to only adopt a simple square mater, blocking board or triangular meter. Under continuous technical innovation of 650nm red laser diode tech and advanced use of glass coated lens with different fan angles, it is being made into a quite practically used device of 50mW economy red cross laser alignment. In occasion that compact structure red laser module gets proper installation and adjustment of beam focus, it makes highly precise and high speed red vertical and horizontal lines with accurate 90 degrees.

In order to make continuous cross line projection, not simply used for temporary positioning work, 50mW economy red cross laser alignment would have to work with good laser beam stability and highly clear red cross line projection in continuous use. It gives up the formal use of alkaline battery power source, but adopting an external AC/DC adapter as electric power source. Any time 650nm red laser module adopts correct operating voltage of 9V 1000mA DC power supply, it is keeping work with highly intense red laser beam emission, and extremely clear red cross line projection under any possibility of overheating and over current impact etc.

In some special working occasion where human hands cannot reach easily, 50mW economy red cross laser alignment just performs with good superiority. It is adopting 26mm diameter aluminum alloy housing tube, after perfect configuration with inner cooling system and APC, ACC driving circuit board, it is just achieving superior nice thermal emitting and constant output power and electric power supply. This red cross line laser also enables quite easy installation and adjustment, thus making sure of noncontact and no barrier cross line generation at great distance and other formal lighting occasions.

When 50mW economy red cross laser alignment gets easy use as an accessory part, with the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket, it enables easy installation onto any industrial machine or device, and makes satisfied red cross line source generation for various industrial precise device manufacturing works. After quite easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens, only if powerful red laser light is immediately focusing, this alignment laser makes sure of satisfied red cross line projection at great distance. In continuous red cross line projection, after high attention to thermal energy hurt to human eyes and correct wearing of 650nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, it just makes secured and highly clear cross line generation onto multiple working surfaces effectively.

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• 9/5/2017 - No Dim Light of Blue Line Laser Module

Whatever kind of industrial machinery processing works, it is never a hard job for users to get clear enough line alignment with a proper choice of blue line laser module. Owing to its quite high power range of 50mW to 100mW 445nm blue laser diode, this laser line alignment tool is always effective enough to get super clear line instruction at quite long work distance. At the same time, owing to its moderate brightness blue laser light emission from 445nm blue laser diode, this laser line generator is just able to be made with quite compact structure, while still effective enough to get highly stable and reliable blue laser line targeting on all working surfaces effectively.

The use of blue line laser module is always getting quite high power up 50mW, thus it is not workable for formal close distance or hand reaching work place, but mainly used for a bit higher lighting and longer work distance line alignment work fields. Owing to its good use of good thermal emitting performance part of metal heat sink cooling system, although this laser line generator is available with quite compact size laser tube diameter of 26mm, this blue laser line is still effective enough to get highly stable and reliable line alignment result as expected.

On basis of the employment of high quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, blue line laser module is easily getting high linear quality and keeping the highest level of straightness blue laser line targeting on different working surfaces. Although sometimes the real line targeting surface is very difficult to reach, however, according to its noncontact blue laser beam and blue alignment laser line targeting, the real line aligning work has no strict limitation of work distance, height and other working environments, but just making the easiest laser line instruction on all work surface marvelously.

Within the wide range optic lens degree of 10 degree to 110 degree, blue line laser module is easily getting different line length and line thickness. There is an important part for users to make clear communication with laser tech engineer, about exact blue alignment laser line length, line thickness and work distance from laser beam aperture to desired working surface, thus getting correct choice of output power and laser lens degree. According to high attention to basic laser safety measures and proper wearing of a pair of laser safety goggles, this laser line generator is just getting the easiest line targeting on all working surfaces effectively.

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