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• 27/3/2020 - Structure and Principle of Super Fine Vertical Mill

The ultra-fine Vertical Roller Mill Production Process is mainly composed of the main machine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electrical control system, and collection system. The motor drives the reducer to drive the grinding disc to rotate. The material to be grounded is fed into the center of the rotating grinding disc by the feed lock device.

Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves to the periphery of the grinding disc and enters the grinding roller table. Under the action of the roller pressure, the material is crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing. At the same time, the wind is sprayed upward uniformly from the wind ring around the grinding disc, and the ground material is blown up by the high-speed air flow at the wind ring, and the coarse-grained material is blown back to the grinding disc for re-grinding. The classification machine performs the classification, and the qualified fine powder goes out with the airflow and is collected by the dust collection equipment to be the product. The unqualified coarse powder falls to the grinding disc under the action of the blade of the classification machine, and is reground together with the newly fed material. In this way, the whole process of grinding operation is completed.

When the iron and other impurities mixed with the material move to the edge of the grinding disc with the material, due to its heavy weight, it cannot be blown up by the wind. The rotor speed of the multi-head classifier is easy to adjust, and a variety of qualified products can be obtained.

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• 26/3/2020 - Stone crusher equipment procured about how much money

Large limestone of Guangxi region, the crushing of limestone cone crusher has also become a major source of the aggregate production, then procurement of gravel sand making machine about how much does it cost? how about quality?

From Guangxi CR Bucheon, and Guangxi your RTHK mud two home company research learned that, they to utilization production cement Shi legacy of abandoned limestone, will decided recycling processing for gravel aggregate production, so after multi investigation and integrated compared, selected has domestic maximum of gravel line construction commercial Zhengzhou peak engineering technology limited, from business sand machine, and broken machine selection to last of construction, by Shanghai world is responsible for.

According to Guangxi your mud head introduced, they in limestone gravel line in the selection of stones business sand machine main is PE90106 e type broken machine and stones dedicated counterattack broken machine, this two Taiwan equipment technology exquisite, and technology content high, has won has national mine mechanical pacesetter of honors, so production of finished particles shape good, particles level distribution reasonable, and stones strength high, and products deeply market welcomes. Country support strategy and assistance, infrastructure development in Guangxi, and hence aggregate demand will be huge, limestone gravel and sand production line construction Shanghai, the strength of trust.

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