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Make it stop to sit and read a book28/5/2020
If we finish washing quickly We can expose to the sun for a long time.. And if the curtains are dry, then the curtains can be attached straight away Or if there are 2 sets of curtains in the house, another set can be installed immediately Then manage to put the pillowcase Get the blanket ready. Make it stop to sit and read a book. Whether it is sitting, lying, lying, watching TV, really sleeping, including work, work in the bedroom Therefore, when it's time to clean the bedroom Must be extremely clean Clean like a maid in a train station that will dart to clean in a train. Hahahahahaha. Steps To Clean The Bedroom To Be Extremely Clean For many people's homes already The bedroom is the most used room./home-diary/how-to-clean-your-bedroom/ for more information.Wipe 5 tier storage rack the head of the bed, the edge of the bed and under the bed - if the head of the bed is a cloth, then we have to slap and continue to use vacuum cleaners.Bring the mattress to slap and dry in the sun. Because our face Although somewhat cheeky, but often have to touch the sheets and pillowcases. While also very bright because there is no curtain, as according to the Step, it is now near noon We should take a break first. By cleaning from top to bottom, such as cleaning the back of the closet first or lamps etc. And when placing Have to turn the mattress overWipe the dust from top to bottom - now our bedroom should not have bedding. If you don't believe it, try it. Now, let's continue cleaning. And if the sun is strong Then the washing machine can spin high In the evening the curtains will become dry until they can be re-installed. This is a warning that When we go to pick up things to wipe and sometimes find old things, old books or old pictures and then we think of old times.Wipe the screened window and door - after wiping the window May find that the bedroom is a lot brighter hahaha.Bring bedding to dry in the sun - Bring pillows, bolster, blankets, dolls and others to slap and dry in the sun. With the goal of the crashing today being dirty! Let's goDue to full bedroom cleaning Suggesting to do it on a sunny day And should start cleaning in the morning In order to allow the items to be exposed to the sun for a long time Okay, let's get started. After that, bring various garbage from wiping the shelves And the bedside table to discard Now our bedroom is super clean. For cleanliness But if the head of the bed does not use cloth, then can wipe away And don't forget to clean under the bed With the back of the bed Try to use a vacuum to vacuum in a narrow area.Go here:beddingnbeyond. Remove the curtains for washing - if you have curtains in your bedroom, you should first take them off before washing.Arrange the shelves Bookshelf and headboard - wipe things and shelves. Or sit and watch old photos until an hour passed.After resting, bring the sunbed to put in place - don't forget to go back to the bed.Clean the air conditioner - take the air filter to spray water And will find an old, clean toothbrush to brush Can also be used with cooling sheets But have to do lightly by hand Because the cooling pad will fall downCarpet cleaning - if your bedroom has carpet Must also vacuum the carpet or wash the carpet too which is very important Because this rug is a good dust collectorSweep the room. For bedrooms that use blinds Then take the blind to wash water and then expose to sunlightTake off pillow cases, blankets, and sheets for washing - personally want the pillow cases, blankets, and sheets to be as clean as possible. - When you rub the bedroom, it will be better to use Dettol
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Even children can pack away their toys10/4/2020
You may leave out neutral items for decorating such as pricey crystal, Lladro, colorful depression glassware to fill in those spaces left behind when the spoon collections, baseball card collections and Formula 1 car collections come off the fireplace mantle and shelves. 2) Evaluate the colors of each room individually. By all means, ask family members to pitch-in. But that does not mean showing an empty home; rather staging accentuates spaces within the home by creating vignettes, which enhance positive space while downplaying negative areas within the house. Even children can pack away their toys and older children can clean a dirty shower. The only items on a bathroom counter should be a small bouquet of flowers, a bar of clean decorative soap in a clean soap dish and a clean hand towel. Play it safe and simply paint over the pastels with a neutral color like beige or off-white. Remove pieces of the sectional to make the space appear larger. Arrange the flowers in whiskey snifters, small vases, or, if you do not have either take a better drinking glass from your kitchen, tie a small ribbon around the base and fill that with water and a few daisies.8)Go from room-to-room and pack- up clutter. Find two pillows that DO match and place them on the chairs in front of the window to tie the room together.If you stage your home for sale on your own, here are 10 easy tips to remember:1) Make a list of all Metal shelves the spaces, choose one room at a time and tackle each individually.For more staging ideas, please click here for Part II of this series.In order to create the staging scene, understand that for the next 30-90 days, while the house is for sale, you will need to have removed personal items, collections and clutter, (and keep them ?gone? until you have a signed contract). Pull your curtains away from the window, tie back with decorative rope or ribbon and let the light shine in the room. The same for Halloween?often orange, black, yellow and green scented candles go on sale after this event, so I stock up at that time and use those candles throughout the year. No home will sell especially well with grit, mold, dirty tiles and floors.
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