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Door handle installation steps and matters needing attention

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The door is something we have in every household. We will install the door handle when installing the door. Many people may say that installing a small door handle is definitely an easy task and does not require any technology. One kind, in fact, it is wrong to have this kind of thinking. Why do you say that?

Door handle installation steps

Open the door so that you can operate both the internal and external door handles at the same time. Locate the two screws on the inner door handle cover. These screws are used to fix the inner and outer door handles together. If you have problem in install, just ask door handle manufacturers.

Use a cross-head screwdriver to move the two screws counterclockwise, pull the inner door handle away from the door and pull the outer door handle away from the door. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws from the outer edge of the fixed latch door. Out of the door, pull out the latch plate assembly. Use a Phillips screwdriver on the two fixed strike plate door frames counterclockwise to pull the door frame plates off.

Place the new latch plate assembly through the hole on the edge of the door, and the curve part of the latch bolt should point to the outside of the door. The wood screw that comes with the door handle kit.

The door that enters the door is an outer door handle inserted from the outside. Usually two sleeves, the cylinder inside the latch hole, will fit. Press the door handle until the cover is close to the door.

Insert the inner door handle into the door from the inside of the door. With two fixing screws, thread the screw thread from the hole on the cover plate to the outer door by turning the screw clockwise, and tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver.

Fix the impact plate and the screws provided with the kit on the curved door frame that curves around the inside of the door frame.

Precautions for door handle installation

The handle is installed vertically on the upper corner of the door panel. This kind of installation method is the choice of most people. The upper part of the cabinet door panel is equipped with a handle, and the lower part of the wall cabinet door panel is equipped with a handle. It can be used directly without having to adapt to the opening direction of the door. It is easy to open the cabinet door.

The handle is horizontally mounted on the corner of the door panel. Many people like to install it this way. You can use visual inspection to see which direction the door is opening at the first use. You can operate it directly. Some people will be eager to operate when cooking and hang the small shovel used for cooking without opening the door. When he finished cooking, he retracted the small shovel.

The handle is horizontally mounted on the corner of the door panel. It is installed in the middle of the door panel, if you add the old copper-colored handle, does it have a retro feel? It adds a sense of maturity to the pastoral style just now. The disadvantage is that in the process of use, it is not very adaptable at the beginning, because the side-opening door cannot be seen by visual inspection, and the door panel opens in which direction it will adapt for a period of time.

There is a centering position installed vertically on the side of the door opening. The handle is installed in the middle of the door panel. This installation method is rarely chosen, because the floor cabinet must bend over to reach the handle when opening the door. As the wall becomes more and more difficult, how many times will you bend? There is also a wall cabinet. The handle can be hooked up with your feet. How many times do you have to lift your feet a year? It is several times more tiring than the previous one. The height of the handle installation is exactly the position of the adult's knee, so it is easier to knock the leg when cooking.

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