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24/6/2020 - Non-commercial acrylic paints market

8% over 2018-2028. Students in high schools are showing inclination spray bottle factory towards opting for arts & designing as part of their curriculum, creating huge a demand space for acrylic paints. Owing to the emergence of a healthy amount of professional artists and academic institutions, where regional governments have encouraged the promotion and sales of artefacts, the market for non-commercial acrylic paints will reportedly witness high growth in Southern US. Top 3 Factors Shaping the US Non-Commercial Acrylic Paints Market Increase in the Number of Artists and Students Across Different States in the US In the past few years, the US has witnessed a significant rise in the number of artists and students. This regulation is intended to safeguard the health and safety of consumers as well as producers. In the coming years, other regions in the country such as the Western and Midwest parts are expected to be key markets for sustainable value generation from the non-commercial acrylic paints market. The development of acrylic paints that can be used on multiple substrates, such as metals, glass, ceramics, woods, etc.

FMI expects the non-commercial acrylic paints market in the US to be a high-volume high-value market, unaffected by pricing volatility. DIY – A New Forerunner in the Decorative Acrylic Paints Industry DIY (do-it-yourself) is emerging as a major trend in some states in the US, as it saves significant labor cost and gives customers an opportunity for creative painting on their own property. Regulatory pressure is increasing, regarding the VOC content of acrylic paints - There is increasing pressure from regulatory authorities, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Coatings and Consumer Products Group (CCPG) in particular, to reduce the volatile organic compound (VOC) content as well as lead content in all types of non-commercial acrylic paints. There has been a rise of ~5% of artists and students, cumulatively, in the previous few years, and the same roadmap is expected to continue in the coming decade. Southern US is projected to hold a relatively prominent share in the overall US non-commercial acrylic paints market. Manufacturers also find it cost intensive to produce products in sync with government regulations, leading to decreased profitability.

Application in new materials have provided impetus to the growth of the non-commercial acrylic paints market in the US.US Non-Commercial Acrylic Paints Market: Key Research Findings The US non-commercial acrylic paints market size in 2018Nearly US$ 230 Mn The non-commercial acrylic paints market in the US is expected to observe a decent growth rate of 4. Market Consolidation to Intensify Pricing Pressure on Manufacturers and Threat from Substitute Innovations As the paints and coatings market in the North American region is moving towards consolidation, pricing pressure has started to build up, tightening the profit margin scope for manufacturers. Till date, this has resulted in the meagre use of conventional paints, with their use limited to a few states. In addition to this, raw materials, both, petroleum and non-petroleum based, account for a major share in the overall cost of sales for paints and coatings. Increasing number of competitions and exhibitions in the country molds and encourages young artists to participate, which has been driving a considerable number of youngsters toward aspiring career in painting.. The effects of volatile and fluctuating crude oil prices are also expected to get reflected on petroleum-based raw materials, all the more exaggerating the pricing burden on US non-commercial acrylic paints market players., with robust physical and chemical properties, providing consumers the freedom to use them as per their suitability, can provide significant opportunities for the growth of US non-commercial acrylic paints market players. Also, new emerging technologies such as powder paints and nanotechnology hold the potential to replace existing products in the market, posing significant challenges to global manufacturers

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8/6/2020 - Ensuring the products are used in the correct and safe manner.

Cosmetics are defined by the FDA as "articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body.

Visit any cosmetics retailer and you will see a vast array of products and brands on display.for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance" [FD&C Act, sec. These products are intended for use exclusively by professionals such as hairdressers, beauty salons or beauticians who are trained in ensuring the products are used in the correct and safe manner.â''

Cosmetic products are often sold at premium prices so it is paramount that the consumer feels they are getting good value for money. In recent times there has been increasing pressure on the manufacturer to reduce unnecessary outer packaging and source more sustainable materials. Twin-Formâ'¢ leaflet labels provide a single base layer with two additional pages in leaflet format whilst more extensive leaflet or booklet formats can provide as many as 48 or more pages.

A carton and loose leaflet offers protection to the product and can enhance the overall appeal and value of the product. By combining a self-adhesive label with a printed and folded leaflet, almost unlimited pages of copy may be included within the confines of the primary label.

One solution is to incorporate a leaflet label onto the cosmetic product. Originators of the concept, Fix-a-Form International operates via the globeâ''s largest network of leaflet label printing partners ensuring supply in over 50 territories worldwide. However, there are times when the addition of costly outer packaging is unnecessary so care must be taken to ensure the label gets the message across. 201(i)]. Often high gloss materials, embossing effects and bold colours with simple graphics are incorporated into the label to enhance the containers appearance.

From a manufacturing point-of-view cosmetic labels must not only look attractive but must also fulfil a number of legal obligations by the manufacturer.

Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels have appeared on countless beauty and cosmetic products across the globe either in place of the primary label or often in addition.

cosmetic jars manufacturers Company contact details

Furthermore, the materials must also be able to be applied quickly and accurately onto often very small containers without slowing down the process with a flawless finished product being the desired result. The following factors need to be taken into account:

Product name and description

List of ingredients

User instruction/ application guidelines

(UK) The Department of Weights and Measures requires the actual weight of the cosmetic product both in standard and metric to be disclosed on the label. From lipsticks and blushers to powders,potions and lotions; the choice is almost endless. Besides the often high-profile advertising and displays used in the marketing of cosmetics, the one thing that really sets cosmetic products apart from each other is the product label.. Available in a variety of formats, shapes and sizes leaflet labels may be supplied in single or full colour..Often a small piece of information must be added to a product in a number of languages..Often there simply isnâ''t enough space to include all of the necessary product and user information within the confines of the label.

You may see some product labels with the wording â''For professional Use Onlyâ'' written on them

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