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A folding container house manufacturer

23/6/2020 - They use containers as carriers, specializing in container module manufacturing

When it comes to containers, it always reminds people of the neatly packed ports. As for the novel "container hotel", most consumers have never even heard of it.In fact, the assembly of low-carbon and environmentally friendly container buildings is already a mature and widely used construction technology abroad.

Architects usually think of containers as a unit module. According to the function and requirements of the building, like the assembly of Lego blocks, multiple containers are spliced ​​and combined to form a modular building with a different style.Zhonghe Container is a group of dreaming youths who love containers and have professional learning. They use containers as carriers, specializing in container module manufacturing and container technology eps sandwich panel manufacturers research and development. They are committed to promoting containers in real estate, tourist attractions, RV camps and theme parks. Market application requirements for other scenarios,

Create innovative concept containers with cultural travel attributes.Different styles, play different combinationsIn many concrete construction projects with many containers, the changeable style  positioning is a unique advantage that has to be mentioned. When consumers are no longer satisfied with sightseeing tourism, tourism projects with cultural attributes are obviously more popular.At this point, Zhonghe has already made preparations, not only ingeniously integrating shopping malls with creative blocks, but also good at integrating coffee houses, book bars and other recreational facilities into container construction.

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Its main production includes glass wool, rock wool and polystyrene for the core material color steel sandwich board, corrugated color steel sandwich board.


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