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The company has achieved results in optical consistency correction

At that time, Solar led light Manufacturers and industry experts will also analyze and discuss the current technical issues of Mini LED chips and packaging equipment, and will also hold special Mini LED display cutting-edge technology ; capital matchmaking meeting, providing one-to-one communication opportunities. Efficiency, yield and cost are closely related, and each link faces technical difficulties. Intuitively, the whole screen is more grainy and has a slightly worse .

Currently there are formal and flip-chip IMD solutions on the market. The difference between the incoming chips is large, which will cause the display to be blurred.With the advancement of LED technology and increasing market demand, new display technologies such as Mini/Micro LED have emerged. Unilumin Technology believes that for small factories, the adoption of the IMD solution reduces the difficulty of production, and the yield rate will be increased.

The company believes that compared to conventional products, the advantages of COB packaging include low power, good heat dissipation, high color saturation, higher resolution, and unlimited screen size. At this stage, due to technical difficulties and cost issues, Mini RGB display products are relatively few. Through the new surface treatment technology, the surface consistency problem has been solved, and the single-pixel display effect can also be maintained.7mm Mini LED products this year, said that achieving seamless splicing is also a difficult point in COB technology.

The company has achieved results in optical consistency correction. Compared with COB technology, IMD technology improves the mounting efficiency of the application side and improves the packaging reliability of the chip RGB. For larger factories with stronger strength, the yield rate is basically the same. Beginning in the second half of 2018, relevant manufacturers have launched new products one after another. Among them, some products are in the stage of sample delivery, and some products have been produced in small quantities or in batches.

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