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mold suppliers manufacturer

• 26/3/2020 - The front door will be closed and the mold will be abnormal.

When the horizontal machine is opened, the front door will be closed and the mold will be abnormal. It is strictly forbidden to put on the machine. Press it to your hand. Do not wear long pendants on your chest to avoid other unexpected accidents. The upper and lower molds, technicians, and foremen must wear protective shoes to go to work to prevent bruises.. Only one switch is not clamped as normal.Safety work items for employees of injection mold manufacturers to pay attention to when they go to work.Regarding the safety work items that employees of injection mold manufacturers should pay attention to when working, the following injection mold manufacturers require employees to pay attention to the following safety work items.

When the employee is turned on, it is necessary to use the release agent on the table. When the employee has a sloping roof and buckles the mold, the technician foreman must teach the staff that every beer must see the hand to get the product (and pay attention to the time of the slanting top to be fully reasonable), in order to prevent the slanting top Return to bring your finger. When the employee is in the vertical machine of the beer, it is necessary to check the bilateral switch. Some products require white oil and alcohol, and must be marked with a special area (special fire extinguisher in this area), which is separated from the machine and flammable and violent items, and limited white oil and alcohol (disposed to the fire) On the fixed shelf, the area and the limit are set by the supervisor, and the manager agrees with the total assistance. 2, all employees can not leave long hair to work, Mould suppliers manufacturer women with long hair should tie their hair. Pressing one switch to close the mold is not normal.

Don't mess with the motive, such as water cut, glue mold, no product, etc. 6. Avoid the high temperature. 5. White oil and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the injection molding department. The mode is normal. When spraying, it is strictly forbidden to use the lighter. 3, employees can not wear slippers during work hours, in order to prevent the shop yards, iron objects crush the feet, prevent the floor from slipping and falling, and hurt. When using blades, employees must The knife edge is outward, can not face yourself, in case of negligence and injury. I hope everyone can take a look at it! 1. When the employee finds that the machine is abnormal, he should find the technician to deal with it in time. 4., do not put the handle, the head is extended into the mold to prevent the machine from malfunctioning. 7

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• 26/2/2020 - What are the advantages of the domestic mold industry compared to the international industry

What are the advantages of the domestic mold industry compared to the international industry? What advantages does the domestic mold industry have over the international industry? First, the support of relevant national policies should not be ignored. Second, the gradual improvement of infrastructure provides the possibility of increasing market demand.

Third, the huge opportunity for the world's foundry mold industry center to transfer to China and the universal application of e-commerce have also brought huge business opportunities to China's mold industry; Fourth, low labor costs and raw material prices, which are urgently needed to save costs. Under the international environment, China has become the focus of much attention.

At present, the development situation of the domestic extrusion die industry is very good. While the technical level of the industry is gradually improving, the scale of development is also increasing day by day. The annual industrial value is also close to 200 billion yuan. Faced with the promising big cake Commodity mould/mold suppliers in the world mold market, especially the high-end market, domestic import dependence on high-end mold machine tools will continue in the short term. Domestic extrusion die machine companies urgently need to understand the latest changes in the market, and develop relevant mold machine tools to capture the market.

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