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• 20/5/2020 - The advantage is that you will get better peripheral vision

  Silicone masks, on the other hand, will last the user upwards of ten years, if cared for properly. Silicone mask skirts will always fit better, and give a better seal than other materials. This is because silicone has more elasticity, and can withstand repeated use in any type of water conditions. Silicone mask skirts come in two colors, clear and black, with the choice being a matter of personal preference. Clear skirts will allow more light to enter the mask, and give a brighter view of the environment. Tapered Roller Bearing Company Black skirted masks, however, are very popular with photographers who prefer not to have any extraneous light entering their camera's viewfinder.

How should a mask fit? This is a question that has lots of answers. First, try the mask on without the strap. Place the mask on your face and inhale through your nose very lightly. You should feel an even seal around the perimeter of the mask, with no air leaking through the mask at any point. Be especially cautious of the areas next to your eyes and under your nose, where lots of folks have some little lines or creases that can prevent a mask from sealing properly. Once you're satisfied the mask fit without the strap, go ahead and place the mask on with the strap. Is there any you feel any air leaking when you try to inhale?Let's talk about styles now. There a lots of different styles on the market today....single lens designs, twin lens, three lens and even four lens designs. As you move up in the number of lenses, the internal volume of the mask (the amount of air space inside the mask) tends to increase.

This has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you will get better peripheral vision from a multi-window mask. The downside is that if the mask leaks somewhat it requires more effort to clear the water out of the mask. A great feature for snorkelers is a purge valve mask. This type of mask has a small one-way valve that will allow the wearer to purge or remove the water from the mask without lifting the face from the water. All that is required is to hold the entire mask firmly against your face, and blow through your nose, keeping the purge valve at the lowest point of ther mask.

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608 bearing -


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