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high-precise ball bearings

27/3/2020 - Bearing configuration with compact structure

Drawn cup needle roller bearings are needle bearings with a thin stamped outer ring. Its main feature is the low section height and high bearing capacity. It is mainly used for bearing configuration with compact structure, cheap price, and the inner hole of the bearing box cannot be used as the raceway of the needle cage assembly. The bearings and bearing housings must be installed in an interference fit. If axial positioning functions such as box shoulders and retaining rings can be omitted, then the bore in the bearing box can be made extremely simple and economical.

The drawn cup needle roller bearings mounted on the shaft end are open on both sides and closed on one side.

Tapered roller bearings mainly bear radial load in the radial direction. For example, radial bearings with this type of bearing contact angle of 45 degrees are the same. They are the same. Because of ball bearings, roller bearings are the same size and can bear Large radial pressure, N – Natural and NU cylindrical roller bearings can withstand the radial load of radial bearings. Different types can withstand radial loads. Axial load is rated at 45 ° or more. Angle of long axis

When inspecting tapered roller bearings, we must not expose the bearings to contaminated or humid environments. When work is interrupted, the bearings should be covered with greased plastic sheet or similar material. If it is necessary to clean the unshielded bearing without disassembling it, it is necessary to clean it with a brush applied with petroleum solvent, and then wipe it with a lint-free cloth or blow it with compressed air. The bearing assembly starts to rotate). Do not clean bearings with sealed caps or dust, just wipe

Thrust roller bearings are used to support axial and radial combined loads that are mainly axial loads, but the radial 6201 bearing load must not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this type of bearing has a lower friction coefficient, higher speed, and has self-aligning performance. 29000 type bearing sticks are asymmetric spherical rollers, which can reduce the relative sliding of rollers and raceways during work, and have long rollers, large diameters, a large number of rollers, high load capacity, usually oil lubrication. Individual low-speed situations can be greased. When designing and selecting, it should be preferred; 80,000-thrust cylindrical roller bearings, 90,000-thrust tapered roller bearings, and AXK-thrust needle roller bearings

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12/3/2020 -

As our industrial industry continues to develop, more and more industrial equipment or parts have been imported into China from abroad, which has provided a lot of convenience for China's domestic industrial production activities. Among them, the bearing is a very important industrial part, and the supporting effect is improved by the vibration motor installed in some large equipment. Common bearing types are thrust ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings.

So what's the difference between them? Here we also take a look at how the bearings ring manufacturers of bearings are introduced: First, the structure of the two is different. From the structural point of view, although both are ball bearings, the basic structure is somewhat similar, but  the deep groove ball bearing itself has a larger and deeper radius, which also causes a difference in structure. Two, the application fields of thrust ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings are different. Thrust ball bearings are widely used in industrial machinery fields, such as automotive and machine tool processing industries, while deep groove ball bearings have more special applications such as petroleum, aerospace and food processing.

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Deep groove ball bearings are available in open and sealed designs


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