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Machines for Syringe Production

• 4/8/2020 - The low-speed rotating mixing cylinder carries the animal material

In order to improve the service life, industry experts have carried out energy-saving transformation of the mixer, making the current machines are very energy-saving. The fully automatic lifting mixer is the role that stands out in this improvement. Not only the mixing speed is faster, the mixing effect is more uniform, and the tedious work of manual feeding and inconvenient feeding are eliminated.  Different types of mixing equipment have different functions. The scraper disrupts the material flow during the mixing process, making the material flow more complicated and mixing more intense, and blocking the material to the high-speed rotor tool to participate in the mixing, and accelerate the discharge during discharge.  

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the structure of the mixing equipment has also been continuously improved. The mixing equipment drip chamber parts on the market can be divided into intermittent work type (batch type) and continuous work type according to different working conditions. According to the different structure, the operation is divided into horizontal type, vertical type, horizontal paddle type, drum type, V type, double cone type, etc. Because the mixing barrel of traditional mixing equipment is fixed and non-removable, during the mixing process of one batch of materials, another batch of materials cannot be ready. When in use, the mixing hopper is automatically clamped and raised to the set position, and then normal mixing operations can be carried out.

The new type of fully automatic lifting mixer is different in that the mixing hopper is designed as a double-clamp lifting type, which is separated from the main body of the mixer. Among them, the fully automatic lifting mixer has a unique mixing principle, which can ensure the high uniformity of the mixture and the consistency of the material quality between batches. Inconvenient, some people need to stand on the built platform to feed.

During this period, not only a lot of time is wasted, but also the feeding process of the operator is very difficult. The low-speed rotating mixing cylinder carries the animal material to the high-speed rotor, so that the material can fully participate in the mixing. For example, in the mixing of powder, you can choose a V-type mixer, a three-dimensional mixer or a square cone mixer.  

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• 27/7/2020 - The operator can also adjust the parameters at any time

Dry granulation is the process by which dry powder is squeezed, crushed, and granulated to produce the desired dry granules. The dry granulator can mix dry powder with a small amount of water to form granules evenly. In the granulation process, the double effect of mixing and granulation is achieved. The mixing ratio is good and the effect is uniform. At present, with the stricter requirements for aseptic and clean production in the pharmaceutical industry, the closed dry granulator is more favored.   It is reported that the closed dry granulator is generally a cantilever design of the whole machine, which has the characteristics of convenient observation and easy cleaning. The equipment has a special structure, which can completely isolate the processing area from the power transmission area and have a neat shape, easy to disassemble and clean, and achieve clean and closed production from powder to particles.   Compared with imported equipment, domestic equipment still needs to be improved in terms of performance and stability. But fortunately, domestic dry granulator manufacturers and industry experts have been conducting in-depth research, continuous exploration, and seeking breakthroughs in these defects, and granulation technology has continued to progress. It is reported that a closed dry granulator developed by a manufacturer has a high degree of automation. It accepts operating instructions through a liquid crystal touch screen, and automatically completes hydraulic pressure, vertical feeder speed, horizontal feeder speed, pressure roller speed, and pressure roller speed according to preset parameters in memory. Adjusting the speed of the whole grain, the gap between the rollers can be monitored online. The operator can also adjust the parameters at any time according to the needs in the work, and the equipment automatically completes the adjustment, which is convenient and reliable. At the same time, in order to ensure the effect of the product, the manufacturer adopts two-level feeding, which is better than the first-level feeding commonly used in China, so that the powder is fully degassed, the supply is uniform and dense, and the uniformity of the tablet strength is further improved. Yield. At present, the plant's closed dry granulator is suitable for a variety of materials, which is different from the material limitation of the first-level feeding.  In order to improve the dry granulation process, some manufacturers optimize the dry granulation process conditions to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality and efficacy.
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