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What wearable devices will bring?21/4/2014
Smart wearable devices has become a hot topic in the IT sector . In addition to that long-awaited Apple has not come out of i-Watch, Samsung , Sony and other well-known international companies as well as many domestic enterprises have been published or will publish such smart devices. It seems that many people in the industry , wearable devices will continue to smart phones, tablet PCs later , driving a new round of rapid development of IT industry .ray ban
Wearable devices are divided into many types : smart watches , smart wristbands, smart glasses , with data collection features clothing ...... In a recent report the U.S. technology blog Business In-sider released , the analyst pointed out that in the next five years , the smart wristband class devices ( including smart watches, wristbands , wristbands ) will occupy a wearable device shipments 70%. A survey of the consulting firm Accenture showed that more than 50 percent of consumers surveyed have an interest in wearing wrist opponents of health monitoring devices. Last June, the Shanghai Nutshell Electronic Co., Ltd. has released a smart watch GEAKWatch, the company responsible for the product of intelligent people watch Xu Peng said: . " This is the world's first smart watch" According to him , this watch has a health management, time management, SMS Assistant functions. Health management , GEAK with pedometer function , the user can calculate the number of steps walked each day , how much time for walking and running . Users enter their height, the weight , the watch can calculate his calories walking or jogging value . GEAK own power acceleration sensor that can detect when users turn a few times a night to sleep the body , and thus the quality of sleep gives his assessment .ray ban sunglasses
As watches, chronograph function is a must, but as a smart watch , it also like a mobile phone to set reminders for a moment . " With the watch at the time, is more convenient than using a mobile phone at the time, so the use of smart watches manage their work each time point will be more intuitive ." Xu Peng said. In addition , the smart phone can also act as assistant watch , with text messaging capabilities. Since than dial phone screen is small, finger input text is not easy , so watch uses a voice input mode.ray ban wayfarer
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I am sure Lady Fawn doesn’t think so11/11/2013
“It’s not quite the same thing,” said Lucy; “at least, not for a man.”After that she was allowed to escape into the grounds with her lover, and was made happy with half an hour of unalloyed bliss. To be alone with the girl to whom he is not engaged is a man’s delight; to be alone with the man to whom she is engaged is the woman’s. When the thing is settled there is always present to the man something of a feeling of clipped wings; whereas the woman is conscious of cheap oakleys
a new power of expanding her pinions. The certainty of the thing is to him repressive. He has done his work, and gained his victory, and by conquering has become a slave. To her the certainty of the thing is the removal of a restraint which has hitherto always been on her. She can tell him everything, and be told everything, whereas her previous confidences, made with those of her own sex, have been tame and by comparison valueless. He has no new confidence to make, unless when he comes to tell her he likes his meat well done, and wants his breakfast to be punctual. Lucy now not only promised herself, but did actually realise, a great joy. He seemed to be to her all that her heart desired. He was a man whose manner was naturally caressing and demonstrative, and she was to him, of all women, the sweetest, the dearest, the most perfect, and all his own. “But, Frank”— she had already been taught to call him Frank when they were alone together —“what will come of all this about Lizzie Eustace?”“They will be married, of course.”“Do you think so? I am sure Lady Fawn doesn’t think so.”“What Lady Fawn thinks on such a matter cannot be helped. When a man asks a woman to marry him, and she accepts, the natural consequence is that they will be married. Don’t you cheap oakley sunglasses
think so?”“I hope so, sometimes,” said Lucy, with her two hands joined upon his arm, and hanging to it with all her little weight.“You really do hope it?” he said.“Oh, I do; you know I do. Hope it! I should die if I didn’t hope it.”“Then why shouldn’t she?” He oakley sunglasses
asked his question with a quick, sharp voice, and then turned upon her for an answer.“I don’t know,” she said, very softly, and still clinging to him. “I sometimes think there is a difference in people.”“There is a difference; but, still, we hardly judge of people sufficiently by our own feelings. As she accepted him, you may be sure that she wishes to marry him. She has more to give than he has.”“And I have nothing to give,” she said.“If I thought so, I’d go back even now,” he answered. “It is because you have so much to give — so much more than most others — that I have thought of you, dreamed of you as my wife, almost ever since I first knew you.”
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