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7/5/2020 - It's always advisable to have an attorney at your side

  The contractors failed to show up on Monday as planned. Betty Jane called Trevor. The phone was disconnected. She called again. Disconnected. In a panic, Betty Jane called the original Title person,China Alloy Casting Parts Suppliers Patricia, who closed on her home loan and had made the introduction at the open house to find out if she had heard from Trevor. She stated that the last time she had seen Trevor was at the Open House but she asked why she was trying to find Trevor. Betty Jane told the story. There was dead silence on the other end of the line. Patricia took a deep breath and shared with Betty Jane that she may be a victim of fraud. Betty Jane broke down and cried. Patricia insisted that Betty Jane call the FBI and tell her story.

Agent Ryan showed up at Betty Jane's home and they went through all the details. Agent Ryan had been chasing this con man for over a year now. As the facts were revealed, the appraiser in conjunction with the Title Company by using two closing statements, one for the bank and one for the seller had all participated in perpetrating this fraud on Betty Jane. Agent Ryan shared that "Trevor" had closed three other deals on the same day and left town. The house was actually worth about $375,000 and needed work. "Trevor" had received $85,000 from Betty Jane and another $40,000 from the Title company for a total score of $125,000. The $12,000 check Betty Jane received bounced and was worthless. Betty Jane was left with a property worth less than $50,000 from what she paid for it. The market rents were only $2,000 per month if that. Now Betty Jane had a $3,130.88 plus a Home Equity Line Of Credit payment on her personal resident of $653.58/month with a massive shortfall to look at each month.

  To cut the bleeding Betty Jane with her Realtor friend spiffed the property up as much as possible with paint and cosmetics and was able to sell the property for a little less than the mortgage. Betty Jane made up the difference out of the pocket. Betty Jane's attorney sued the Title Company and the appraiser along with the participating Realtor and they have yet to go to court. This transaction had the potential to destroy Betty Jane's excellent credit. It was a strain.

  Agent Ryan, using a group picture from the open house party put out fresh photos of "Trevor" and two weeks later he was captured and charged with mortgage fraud among a litany of other charges. He still had some of the remainder cash but there were lots of people after their money and Betty Jane had little hope of getting all her money back. She was now, a lot wiser however.

  It's always advisable to have an attorney at your side during negotiations and at closing. Get all the facts. Deal with established companies and brokers well known and long experienced in the community. Someone new in town just showing up is a red flag. Anyone can independently verify values. Start with the local assessor and work it from there. One can look very closely at the title history with one's attorney to see if it's a flip property or anything else that may not look right. One needs to take their time and not be rushed into these "great deals". If you happen to miss one, there will be another coming along soon. Keeping the powder dry allows one to do something another day.

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24/4/2020 - The plus side of this kind of plastic surgeon

  If you are considering getting some type Journal Bearing Suppliers of cosmetic surgery, you will need to choose a doctor first. There are various factors to consider when selecting one, and it can take some time and research since there are often many in each city. For this reason, it is helpful to have an idea of the most important things to look for in a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, most of these details can be found on the typical doctor's website, though they can also be discovered by calling the surgical office, as well. You should find out the doctor's education, which includes continuing courses and certifications held by him or her. While a top college is often impressive, keep in mind that brilliant surgeons also attend state schools.

As long as they completed the required schooling for a plastic surgeon, they are likely to be qualified. One detail that should impress you is continued education, as most doctors do not have to do this. You want a practitioner who has studied the latest treatments available rather than one who only knows outdated procedures. Of course, a good plastic surgeon has the required licensing for the state. The majority of surgeons that you see practicing in your area are likely to have this since it is hard to get an office without proper licensing, but the best way to avoid unqualified surgeons is to double check this detail. Otherwise, you may find that your cosmetic surgery results are not only undesirable, but dangerous to your health. Finally, experience in this field is crucial.

While there are plenty of good surgeons who are new to the field, you are taking a risk by going with them. If you are tempted by newer surgeons due to lower prices, make sure that their staff is at least experienced, and that their education is top-notch. Otherwise, stick to doctors with several years of experience in cosmetic surgery for the best results.

The plus side of this kind of plastic surgeon is that he or she is likely to have plenty of sample before and after photos of past patients, and also likely has lots of testimonials or patient reviews. The good news is that while this seems like a lot of information to get before choosing, you can find most of it online, without leaving your computer. If the doctor you are considering does not have a website, consider calling their office for more details. Getting these facts is important, and should only take a few minutes.

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