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23/2/2021 - Choosing the wrong spark plug will cause the electrode

In fact, the biggest problem with long-term vehicle placement is that various oil seals and gaskets are prone to deterioration due to temperature differences, humidity, and force. Therefore, how to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in the best condition is an important key to spring maintenance.

Replace the air filter

The air filter element is like the human respiratory system. For the engine, the filter element is like the first line of defense. It uses a special filter to filter out impurities, dust, oil, etc. in the air, and at the same time provides the intake air needed for the engine to burn the amount. If the air filter element is not replaced regularly, it will firstly cause the filter element to be clogged and affect the air intake effect. Secondly, the filter element is too old, causing aging, rupture, gaps, etc., and reducing the filtering effect. Therefore, the air inlet will suck impurities and affect the piston. , The cylinder wall causes improper wear.

Replace spark plug

The spark plug plays an extremely important role in the operation of the engine. It is always in the working environment with the highest temperature, the highest pressure, the strongest voltage, and the longest working time. As long as the vehicle is in the state of the motorcycle, the spark plug must be in working condition!

Spark RV parts suppliers have different requirements, such as different speed settings (high and low speeds), different engine types (horizontal double-cylinder, V-type double-cylinder, in-line four-cylinder, parallel double-cylinder, triple-cylinder, single-cylinder engine), and different vehicle requirements (Cruise motorcycle, rally motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, jump motorcycle, street motorcycle), so there are differences in cold value and calorific value.

Choosing the wrong spark plug will cause the electrode to melt, which will cause ignition interruption, or cause incomplete combustion to form motorcyclebon deposits and oil pollution , And reduce work efficiency and output power. In addition, some modified spark plugs will cause the original ECU to interpret the signal incorrectly and affect the correct ignition time!

In this time, we will share with all users and fans about basic maintenance. Next time, we will introduce tire replacement, brake fluid replacement, fuel injectors, throttle cleaning, etc.

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