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Blow mould machine and plastic mould


Pet blow moulding machine and cap mould related

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What are the factors affecting the blow molding process of hollow blow molding machines

What are the factors affecting the hollow blow molding machine/blow molding process?

1. Blowing pressure

Compressed air in blow molding has two functions, inflation and cooling. Low viscosity, low volume or thick wall parts should use low air pressure; high viscosity, large volume or thin wall parts should use higher pressure.

2. Blowing speed

In order to shorten the blowing time, in order to facilitate the product to obtain a more uniform thickness and a better surface, the inflation speed should be as large as possible, but the speed is too fast to easily produce the following phenomena: ① Create a vacuum at the air inlet, so that this part of the parison When the parison is completely inflated, the diaphragm part will form a diaphragm; ② The parison of the die part may be pulled off by the extremely fast air flow.

3. Blow-up ratio

Usually controlled at 2-4 times, if the inflation ratio is too large, the shape stability of the product is poor, and if it is too small, it will easily cause uneven wall thickness.

4. Mold temperature and cooling time

If the mold temperature is too low, the plasticity of the plastic at the jaw will be reduced, it is not easy to swell, and the part will be thickened, and it is difficult to form; the mold temperature is too high, the cooling time is extended, and the production cycle is long. The cooling time is too short, the cooling is not It is easy to cause deformation of the product, shrinkage increases, and the surface is dull.

5. Molding cycle

Including extruded parison, intercepted parison, mold clamping, blowing, cooling, deflation, mold opening, product removal and other processes. The selection principle of the molding cycle is to shorten as much as possible on the premise of ensuring that the product can be shaped.

Posted: 03:04, 30/6/2020
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